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If a homeowners' association has pet rules that place restrictions on animals residents are permitted to keep or own, you might be surprised to find out that there are situations where enforcing these restrictions can be a direct violation of federal law, and cost the association significant sums for damages, fines and attorney's fees.
For many of the nation's 351,000 homeowner associations, January through March is a time for welcoming newly elected board members. But what happens next can define the success or failure of the community. Ultimately it is the elected board that is responsible for governance, leadership, and decision-making. One brief hour of orientation or education can make all the difference. Not just for newly elected members but also the entire board.
Community & Owners Buying Organization
Trash service can be expensive but there are ways to save money on this expense.
How do association thefts occur? What can you do as a board member to mitigate crime losses to your association? Do you have insurance in place to help cover a loss should one occur?
Call it a Code of Conduct or call it an Agreement to Serve. It's important that board members understand these responsibilities when they agree to serve.
Ten measures you should take to determine the health of your homeowner association.
Homeowner Associations spend over 30 billion per year on a multitude of goods and services. That’s a lot of money spent on waste and recycling services, snow removal, cable services, and other maintenance items. Put the power of group purchasing to work for your association.
Signage is an important part of the impression created when someone visits your community. It’s the first thing residents see when they enter. It’s also the first thing that prospective home buyers see when they are considering buying a home there.
Learn why all public and municipal pools should implement a comprehensive aquatic risk-management program that includes proactive standards, policies and procedures.
FHA Condo Financing Has Changed Significantly in the Last Ten Years. What You Need to Know
Transparent communication from the HOA board to community residents is a must. HOAs should keep their residents informed and united. However, between tracking board meeting notes, informing people of upcoming events and notifying them of emergencies, it can be difficult to get all the information across. A mobile app can help with these things and much more.
Planting new trees isn’t as easy as digging a hole in the ground. Problems can range from short-term issues related to the tree’s health to long-term issues with community infrastructure and utilities. Knowing the basics of root and canopy structure is the first step in keeping the community safe and in great condition for years to come.
Learn more about how many homeowner associations are utilizing Market Linked Certificates of Deposit (MLCDs) for their long-term reserves in their quest to achieve reasonable rates of return without risking principal.
Most communities have residents that seem to be one with the earth. Flowers or vegetables, they are blessed with a green thumb. Promoting a garden club can pay dividends in terms of sharing expertise that blossums in yards as well as common areas.
How important is customer service in the community association management business?
How One Free Phone Call Can Help Keep Your Community Safe
Is Your Board Using These Excuses When It Comes to Association Reserve Funds?
Learn the 5 major misconceptions about reserve studies from the CEO of one of the most respected companies in the homeowner association industry.
Summer can be a time of unpredictable and severe weather. Is your management company or association prepared?
Technology, and ideas on how to utilize it, continues to change the way we live. The latest are social networks that are specific to neighborhoods, or churches, or non-profit organizations.
Does your management company or association board know what to look for in property management software solutions. Learn More…
We all know that it takes years for a tree to mature. Unfortunately problems associated with tree selection, location and disease are overlooked and ultimately can result in poor tree health, removal and neighborhood misunderstanding. Here are three tips that can help.
HOA boards and residents alike can take measures early to prevent the loss of a valuable asset and avoid damage and liability from failing trees.
This just released book should be an interesting read given the author is the CEO of America's largest community association management company who has also sponsored a wide range of legislation advocating on behalf of community associations.
The community association industry is still losing millions of dollars annually to small and large scale acts of theft. What your association can do to minimize risk.
Large or small, the budget is an essential document that is critical to the financial viability of the association. For large associations the planning process is likely already underway. For small to mid size associations, labor day seems to mark the end of summer and time to get out the spreadsheets and prepare the budget. There are legal requirements, meetings, notices, and final approval that must be achieved by the start of the next fiscal year. If that is January 1st, there is no time to waste.