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As a community board member one of the most important duties you have is to make sure you don't waste or lose funds entrusted to you by your neighbors.
Such a standard financial management tool is normal for creditors, landlords and mortgage companies, but is new to the HOA industry.
Helping Homeowners Make the Best Impression. Great First Impressions Can Increase Home Value by 5%.
If a homeowners' association has pet rules that place restrictions on animals residents are permitted to keep or own, you might be surprised to find out that there are situations where enforcing these restrictions can be a direct violation of federal law, and cost the association significant sums for damages, fines and attorney's fees.
The community association industry is still losing millions of dollars annually to small and large scale acts of theft. What your association can do to minimize risk.
We should not be surprised to discover that the use of proxies has evolved over time and continues to do so.
Trending: Could one of these D&O insurance claims end up on your doorstep?
  • Emotional Support Animals
  • Approving Tenants and Purchasers
  • Foreclosure Purchasers and Assessment Collection
  • Collecting Rents from Tenants
DIYers’ failure to call Sunshine 811 at 811 before digging for landscaping and other projects can damage underground gas, electric, communications, water and sewer lines
As storms approach, here are additional checklists and red flags from an insurance perspective.
How One Free Phone Call Can Help Keep Your Community Safe
Learn how to check your association's 'Good Standing' status. Avoid the consequences of losing Good Standing and how to file a current Annual Report with the Secretary of State.
Homeowner Associations spend over 30 billion per year on a multitude of goods and services. That’s a lot of money spent on waste and recycling services, snow removal, cable services, and other maintenance items. Put the power of group purchasing to work for your association.
Community & Owners Buying Organization
Trash service can be expensive but there are ways to save money on this expense.
Learn why all public and municipal pools should implement a comprehensive aquatic risk-management program that includes proactive standards, policies and procedures.
FHA Condo Financing Has Changed Significantly in the Last Ten Years. What You Need to Know
Transparent communication from the HOA board to community residents is a must. HOAs should keep their residents informed and united. However, between tracking board meeting notes, informing people of upcoming events and notifying them of emergencies, it can be difficult to get all the information across. A mobile app can help with these things and much more.
Planting new trees isn’t as easy as digging a hole in the ground. Problems can range from short-term issues related to the tree’s health to long-term issues with community infrastructure and utilities. Knowing the basics of root and canopy structure is the first step in keeping the community safe and in great condition for years to come.
Learn more about how many homeowner associations are utilizing Market Linked Certificates of Deposit (MLCDs) for their long-term reserves in their quest to achieve reasonable rates of return without risking principal.
Most communities have residents that seem to be one with the earth. Flowers or vegetables, they are blessed with a green thumb. Promoting a garden club can pay dividends in terms of sharing expertise that blossums in yards as well as common areas.
How do association thefts occur? What can you do as a board member to mitigate crime losses to your association? Do you have insurance in place to help cover a loss should one occur?

Ian H. Graham/CNA Claims Guide Is Your Homeowner Association Informed and Prepared for a Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance Claim?

Signage is an important part of the impression created when someone visits your community. It’s the first thing residents see when they enter. It’s also the first thing that prospective home buyers see when they are considering buying a home there.
It’s important to acknowledge that the majority of people in your community do inherently care about issues, but it’s up to the board to discover the best opportunities and leaders to properly motivate community members out of a rut of apathy.
It’s important to acknowledge that the majority of people in your community do inherently care about issues, but it’s up to the board to discover the best opportunities and leaders to properly motivate community members out of a rut of apathy.
Is Your Board Using These Excuses When It Comes to Association Reserve Funds?
Learn the 5 major misconceptions about reserve studies from the CEO of one of the most respected companies in the homeowner association industry.
Summer can be a time of unpredictable and severe weather. Is your management company or association prepared?
Technology, and ideas on how to utilize it, continues to change the way we live. The latest are social networks that are specific to neighborhoods, or churches, or non-profit organizations.
Does your management company or association board know what to look for in property management software solutions. Learn More…
We all know that it takes years for a tree to mature. Unfortunately problems associated with tree selection, location and disease are overlooked and ultimately can result in poor tree health, removal and neighborhood misunderstanding. Here are three tips that can help.
Some thoughts about the benefits of homeowner assciations; or how much do you really want the government to be involved in your community.
It pays to take time developing your landscape RFP.
Common characteristics of Community Managers When It Comes to the Customer Experience
Take a minute to read more about how to save minutes in preparing your board minutes.
How important is customer service in the community association management business?
Trees are a valued asset within many community associations and yet, if they aren't properly cared for, they can become a serious liability. Does your association know the 3 reasons to pay attention to trees.
HOA boards and residents alike can take measures early to prevent the loss of a valuable asset and avoid damage and liability from failing trees.
Covenant/Rule enforcement is one of the most difficult aspects of running a homeowners association.
Early Strategic Planning Pays Dividends as Communities Evolve from Initial Construction to Final Buildout.
Call it a Code of Conduct or call it an Agreement to Serve. It's important that board members understand these responsibilities when they agree to serve.
This just released book should be an interesting read given the author is the CEO of America's largest community association management company who has also sponsored a wide range of legislation advocating on behalf of community associations.
A gas line explosion has demolished 24 townhomes. Do you know what to do when the unthinkable happens?
Learn 5 ways to reduce your association's largest budget item without compromising service.
Non-payment of HOA dues is a problem that every association faces at one point or another. Learn how working with a collection agency is an alternative approach to collections with proven results.
In order to operate a successful community association, there are many important facets of association governance that must be understood and implemented by its board of directors. One of the most important is the budgeting process.
Additional steps you can take to avoid costly Director's & Officer's insurance claims.
Steps you can take to avoid costly Director's & Officer's insurance claims.
It's Your Home and Your Community. Are You Participating in Decisions That Affect Your Greatest Investment?
Board members must interface with their membership, management team, association vendors and other members of the public pragmatically at all times. Following are my personal "Eight Golden Rules" to assist you with achieving that goal.
Learn more about pool safety and the HOA board's liability.
Effective communities share certain characteristics that serve as the backbone for success.
Is your association pool ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant? New Guidelines
IHG Director's & Officer's Insurance
Summary: How long the board should wait after a violation before re-inspecting.
What is an HOA?
How to foster community spirit in your association.
During a state of emergency, the board's powers change so officers can act immediately for the protection of the association.
What should and shouldn't be included in your association's minutes.
The benefits of starting a social media page for your association and the precautions you should take.
What you need to know about legal liability and how it can affect your association.
Is your association ready for when a disaster strikes?
The duties of your association's secretary.
The duties of your association's president.
Methods you association can use to minimize losses when homeowners fall delinquent on their payments.
The duties of your association's treasurer.
How homeowner bankruptcy may affect your association and how knowing your rights may minimize your risk.
High-rise and mid-rise condominiums are saving money by upgrading their buildings to a green infrastructure, but many people worry about the cost of these upgrades. Here's how to go green without breaking the bank.
If your association does not have a website yet, you won't be able to wait much longer. But creating a website is easier and less costly than you may think. Here are some tips on who to hire and what questions you should be asking.
There are always many questions about the ratification of budgets. Here is the process your association should use and some tips on how to go about ratifying your budget.
Is your association's playground age appropriate? Here are guidelines and options to consider when building a playground in your community.
Your association's board members work hard. It only seems fair that they should receive payment. But what are the rules and regulations about board member compensation?
Hiring a resident of your association to provide services seems like a good idea, but here's why you may not want to.
How to distinguish the duties and the powers of the committee from the duties and powers of the board. Who has authority over what?
What should and should not be discussed outside an board meeting and why.
Fines are an effective way for an association to enforce rules. However, there are a few important considerations the board should keep in mind about the handling of fines.
Trees are a wonderful way to enhance the landscape of your yard and your association's common areas. But many issues may arise if trees are on boundary lines. Here are the rules you should follow and advice about maintenance and insurance coverage.
Board members have a duty to the association to act in good faith and to make reasonable judgments. The state of Georgia even has laws to impose these duties on your association board.
The relationship between the HOA Board and the Management Company is an important one. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a management company or when choosing to retain yours.
If you serve on an HOA Board you may feel like you have a bull's-eye on your shirt and every resident has a quiver full of arrows. Find out how to put on your suit of armor.
Advice on how (and how not) to communicate with your neighbors while performing board duties.
Simply put, homeowners should have access to appropriate association books and records; and association boards must allow homeowners access to appropriate community records, when requested. Hereis some helpful information.
Satellite dishes have been a source of anger between homeowners, mainly for aesthetic reasons. There are several rules and regulation your association should follow to minimize the tension.
Many people are confused about their association's budget process. Here's what you need to know about completing a budget.
Here are solutions for communities facing traffic issues. There are several considerations for the association board to keep in mind when choosing methods in which to enforce traffic regulations.
A resolution is a formalized board decision with a set format. Here's what you need to know about why resolutions are important and how to go about making them.
Many associations are using collection agencies to handle delinquent payments. Here are some advantages of using a collection agency to collect payments.
Don't fall prey to lawsuits involving your homeowners association. Directors and Officers Insurance is essential for board members. Here is some advice on what your coverage should include plus other precautions you should take.
The myriad of laws that govern a homeowner association are often confusing and contradictory. How can your association untangle the rules?
Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in your association? Find out how you can protect your association from lawsuits resulting from sidewalk accidents.
A summary of the differences between a compilation, review, and audit and an example of each. Which one is the right for your association?
Ten measures you should take to determine the health of your homeowner association.
The terms of the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005.
Some developers are reluctant to give homeowners access to the association financial records. Here are some suggestions about what to do when the developer refuses to provide you with financial records and what your rights are.
Ten rights according to AARP to protect homeowners that are part of a community association.
What is the importance of Directors and Officers Insurance and should you have it? What should you look for in a quality insurance policy?
Do and Don'ts for Chosing the Right Tree Service for Your HOA
Large or small, the budget is an essential document that is critical to the financial viability of the association. For large associations the planning process is likely already underway. For small to mid size associations, labor day seems to mark the end of summer and time to get out the spreadsheets and prepare the budget. There are legal requirements, meetings, notices, and final approval that must be achieved by the start of the next fiscal year. If that is January 1st, there is no time to waste.