As a community board member one of the most important duties you have is to make sure you don't waste or lose funds entrusted to you by your neighbors.
For many of the nation's 351,000 homeowner associations, January through March is a time for welcoming newly elected board members. But what happens next can define the success or failure of the community. Ultimately it is the elected board that is responsible for governance, leadership, and decision-making. One brief hour of orientation or education can make all the difference. Not just for newly elected members but also the entire board.
Summer can be a time of unpredictable and severe weather. Is your management company or association prepared?
Does your management company or association board know what to look for in property management software solutions. Learn More…
Common characteristics of Community Managers When It Comes to the Customer Experience
Call it a Code of Conduct or call it an Agreement to Serve. It's important that board members understand these responsibilities when they agree to serve.
In order to operate a successful community association, there are many important facets of association governance that must be understood and implemented by its board of directors. One of the most important is the budgeting process.
Board members must interface with their membership, management team, association vendors and other members of the public pragmatically at all times. Following are my personal "Eight Golden Rules" to assist you with achieving that goal.
Effective communities share certain characteristics that serve as the backbone for success.
Is your association pool ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant? New Guidelines
During a state of emergency, the board's powers change so officers can act immediately for the protection of the association.
Is your association ready for when a disaster strikes?
The duties of your association's secretary.
The duties of your association's president.
If your association does not have a website yet, you won't be able to wait much longer. But creating a website is easier and less costly than you may think. Here are some tips on who to hire and what questions you should be asking.
Your association's board members work hard. It only seems fair that they should receive payment. But what are the rules and regulations about board member compensation?
Hiring a resident of your association to provide services seems like a good idea, but here's why you may not want to.
How to distinguish the duties and the powers of the committee from the duties and powers of the board. Who has authority over what?
What should and should not be discussed outside an board meeting and why.
Fines are an effective way for an association to enforce rules. However, there are a few important considerations the board should keep in mind about the handling of fines.
Board members have a duty to the association to act in good faith and to make reasonable judgments. The state of Georgia even has laws to impose these duties on your association board.
The relationship between the HOA Board and the Management Company is an important one. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a management company or when choosing to retain yours.
Advice on how (and how not) to communicate with your neighbors while performing board duties.
Here are solutions for communities facing traffic issues. There are several considerations for the association board to keep in mind when choosing methods in which to enforce traffic regulations.
A resolution is a formalized board decision with a set format. Here's what you need to know about why resolutions are important and how to go about making them.
Ten measures you should take to determine the health of your homeowner association.