Such a standard financial management tool is normal for creditors, landlords and mortgage companies, but is new to the HOA industry.
The community association industry is still losing millions of dollars annually to small and large scale acts of theft. What your association can do to minimize risk.
Learn more about how many homeowner associations are utilizing Market Linked Certificates of Deposit (MLCDs) for their long-term reserves in their quest to achieve reasonable rates of return without risking principal.
Learn 5 ways to reduce your association's largest budget item without compromising service.
Non-payment of HOA dues is a problem that every association faces at one point or another. Learn how working with a collection agency is an alternative approach to collections with proven results.
Large or small, the budget is an essential document that is critical to the financial viability of the association. For large associations the planning process is likely already underway. For small to mid size associations, labor day seems to mark the end of summer and time to get out the spreadsheets and prepare the budget. There are legal requirements, meetings, notices, and final approval that must be achieved by the start of the next fiscal year. If that is January 1st, there is no time to waste.
Methods you association can use to minimize losses when homeowners fall delinquent on their payments.
The duties of your association's treasurer.
How homeowner bankruptcy may affect your association and how knowing your rights may minimize your risk.
High-rise and mid-rise condominiums are saving money by upgrading their buildings to a green infrastructure, but many people worry about the cost of these upgrades. Here's how to go green without breaking the bank.
There are always many questions about the ratification of budgets. Here is the process your association should use and some tips on how to go about ratifying your budget.
Simply put, homeowners should have access to appropriate association books and records; and association boards must allow homeowners access to appropriate community records, when requested. Hereis some helpful information.
Many people are confused about their association's budget process. Here's what you need to know about completing a budget.
A summary of the differences between a compilation, review, and audit and an example of each. Which one is the right for your association?
Some developers are reluctant to give homeowners access to the association financial records. Here are some suggestions about what to do when the developer refuses to provide you with financial records and what your rights are.